What’t this page for? This website is designed to educate and share about free and paid offerings related to using the practices of herbalism and self care through compassionate inquiry and self reflection. The content may contain some terms that might be new to you. So this is a nifty resource to quickly learn what those terms are.

Acudetox specialist

a person who is trained in a protocol, called NADA, which is a non-verbal adjunctive therapy for emotional trauma, mental health and addiction. This can be very supportive for sleep and stress. Learn more here: https://acudetox.com/nada-protocol/

Intergenerational Trauma

When the effects of trauma are passed from one generation to the next. This can be relational or part of oppression.


a form of an herbal remedy where water and alcohol (or water and glycerine) are used to extract constituents from plant material or mushrooms. This remedy is dispensed, in amber or blue colored, glass bottles that are affixed with droppers that have rubber bulbs on them. The rubber bulbs are used to squirt the dose into an ounce or two of water (or into an herbal tea). Tinctures are consumed by drinking back the small amount of water or in a tea. Some people squirt the dose into their mouths, but this can be rather harsh since the herbal remedy is often preserved in alcohol. If glycerine is used instead of alcohol, it’s sometimes referred to as a glycerite.